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Bryen Springs hired as Special Assistant to the Head Coach, at Abilene Christian

A coaching staff isn't solely defined by the head coach or his full-time assistants. Something that continues to foster success in the Wildcats men's basketball program is their ability to round out the coaching staff from the top down. While little to no turnover in the full time positions in recent years has given the program consistency, it is important that they find the right people to fill the smaller staff roles as well. 

New to the staff this season is Special Assistant to the Head Coach, Bryen Spriggs. Spriggs comes to Abilene after several years coaching at community colleges throughout the Midwest. He played basketball at DII Slippery Rock in Pennsylvania, and after graduation he spent two seasons coaching there as well. He has only been with the team for a week or so at this point, but he expressed his excitement at getting to be a part of this coaching staff. 

“I just think that this staff, from the top down, is one of the best staffs out there,” Bryen stated. “Everything they are about, hard work, player relationships, and just loving the game of basketball, they are doing things the right way.”

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